Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm back

A Masters PR at Zones in the 400 meter free (5:03.92, 2:29.94/2:33.98) back in July was followed by a few months of lackluster practices which were for the most part forgettable. So I took a break from blogging. But I kept training consistently and finally, today, swam well again in practice. What made this even more remarkable was that we were in the diving well where the water was a balmy 81 degrees and we had five or six to a lane. I shared a lane with Larry, Colin, Mariah, Tyrone, and Steve. Whitney coached.

Warm up:
200 free, underwater turns
100 fly drill
200 free, fist drill, with a buoy
100 back drill
200 free, one second delay drill
100 breast drill
Main set:
4 x 400 @ 5:30, descend; led the lane and went 4:59, 4:52, 4:46, and 4:38, a practice PR (no buoy, no draft, and a bit of traffic on the last 100 as Larry and I lapped a couple of the swimmers in our lane)
20 x 25 with fins
Skipped the next set (4 x 300 pull) because it was time to go to work.

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