Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday June 3, 2014

Lifted weights last night; I have adopted Dave Salo's approach to dry land training, incorporating stretching, endurance, strengthening, and core exercises.  Swam this morning at UT with Larry and Paul next to Jim, Ande, and Sierra.  We had all ten lanes of the main pool which was set up long course.  I definitely felt the effects of my dry land work out, primarily muscle fatigue.

Warm up:
8:00 free (a mix of swim, drill, and/or kick)
6:00 back
4:00 breast
2:00 fly
(about 1100 meters)
Main set:
5 x 200 choice fast @ 4:00: swam free and held 2:41
100 easy
5 x 100 kick fast with fins @ 2:00
100 easy
3 x 400 choice fast @ 8:00--did not see this one coming! Descended 5:36/5:33/5:27, a solid effort.

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