Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catching up

It has been awhile since I last posted, but this week as I was trying to assess my performance in practice relative to past years I remembered why I began blogging my workouts in the first place.  My goal when I returned to competition a decade ago was simply to qualify for USMS Nationals.  After achieving that, I set my sights higher and decided to try for a medal at Nationals.  At the time a national age group top ten swim seemed hopelessly out of reach, but I thought that it might be possible if after attaining the right level of fitness I trained hard enough and consistently enough to slow down less than my cohorts (who back then were significantly faster than me) as we all aged up.  In 2013, after ten years in Masters swimming, I had a total of three top ten swims: 800 free (lcm and scm) and 1500 free (scm).  An scy top ten swim has eluded me thus far, but my 1000 from Zones in April is currently the eighth fastest in my age group.  Ironically the 1650, which was a much better swim (my time of 19:37.32 was a Masters pr and crushed my tech suit time of 19:55.13 from 2010), is ranked fourteenth.


  1. Seems you've got a strong chance of a Top Ten this year with your 1000 Free.

    Smashing a previous best swim done in a tech suit is no small feat. Nice work!