Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday March 11, 2014

Swam at UT in the diving well this morning with Larry, Joe, Sharon.  Whitney coached.  I was not expecting much today because my last couple practices have been mediocre and the water was warm.

Warm up:
Main set:
4 x (8 x 25 stroke, IM order by round, @ :40/1 x 500 @ 7:40); swam three rounds and descended the 500s 6:12, 5:58, and 5:47--a practice PB!


  1. A PB when you least expect it! Nice!

    Are you going to be swimming at Santa Clara Nats?

  2. Thanks!

    No, I have decided to stay home--not able to take that much time off right now. Will you be there?

  3. I will be there on Saturday and Sunday. It's been a bit of a last minute decision. Nobody that I typically swim with or attend meets with is going, but I felt given the proximity of the venue to home (an hour drive) I should get myself up there to watch some fast swimming and hopefully have a few memorable swims myself.