Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Postal notes

It has been several weeks since I last posted; I blame work, a bout of influenza, and a loss of focus, at least in the pool.  But I am back blogging again and have regained my focus.  I missed six days of training over Christmas but managed to swim the New Year's Day workout of 14 x 500, descending to 5:52 (with a buoy).  The flu (minus a fever, thanks to my vaccination status) hurt my endurance significantly, which was particularly noticeable on fly repeats.  So it was with some reluctance that I decided to swim the one hour postal on Sunday.  We had been swimming 1000 and 500 repeats in practice at one hour postal pace (1:15/100).  None of these repeats felt as comfortable as I would have liked given that my goal for the swim was 4800 yards.  So I decided to shave for the event, anticipating a 2% time drop based on my reading and past experience (although I had never shaved without a taper).  As it turns out, I swam 4785, more than 200 yards further than I had swum in 2007.  My first two 1000s were 12:16 and 12:22, roughly 2% faster than the pace I held in practice.  And my time at the 3000 (37:13) was actually :06 faster than my postal 3K in December.  The final 2000 yards were uncomfortable, but I was able to hang on to a 1:16 pace.  This should be good enough for a top ten finish in my age group.

I was tired yesterday so I slept in.  This morning I swam with Jared and Sharon in the main pool at UT.  Whitney coached.  Attendance was light due to the weather.

Warm up:
3 x 300
Main set:
3 x (25 fly, 50 fly/back, 75 fly/back/breast, 25 base; 100 IM strong), then
after round 1, 4 x 100 @ 1:15; after round 2, 4 x 200 pull @ 2:30; and after round 3, 4 x 300 @ 3:45.
Held 3:36 on the 300s, my best effort on that interval since 1978.
2 x  25 breast, 4 x 25 fly, 6 x 25 back, 8 x 25 free, all on :20
6 x 25 no breath


  1. 14 x 500. Ouch.

    Nice swimming for the postal.

    1. Thanks, Matt. Hope I can slip into the top ten with that, but it is a very competitive event.