Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday September 4, 2013

Swam at UT in the main pool which was set up short course.  Shared a lane with Billy.  Whitney coached.

Warm up:
2 x (200 swim/150 pull/100 IM/50 kick)
Main set:
10 x 25 stroke @ :40, swam fly
1 x 500, swam it En2 and went 6:16
8 x 50 stoke @ 1:20, swam breast
1 x 500, went 6:06
6 x 75 stroke @ 2:00, swam back and averaged :57
1 x 500, pulled with a buoy and went 5:52
4 x 100 free@ 2:30, held 1:04 and felt strong

Probably will not swim tomorrow because of the Jewish New Year, but I need to back off a bit anyway for my 5K on Saturday. The water will be warm, but I should be able to handle it based on how I felt last weekend at Life Time.  The air temperature makes a difference, and it should be tolerable at 7am.

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