Saturday, September 14, 2013


Last Saturday I attempted the postal 5K a second time and finished the damn thing. My good friends and former Nitro teammates Tom and Scott timed for me. The conditions were less than ideal; the only 50 meter pool I could find was in Georgetown where the water was an unpleasant 86 degrees even at 0700.  Nevertheless I shaved over :40 off my 2010 time, finishing in 1 hour 14:15.97, fueled entirely by a Starbucks grande latte with three raw sugars (and two Aleve).  Pre-race nutrition is very challenging at that hour of the day; next time I will add an EFS shot.

After taking Sunday off as a recovery day, I swam at UT in the main pool on Monday with Kristy, Larry, and Sloan.  It was Nate's 50th birthday, so we swam 5 x (10 x 50) on various intervals, a mix of stoke, kick, pull.  We finished with a final set of 10 x 50 @ :40.  I was still a bit sore from my 5K, particularly my right calf which cramped during the final 300 meters of the postal swim.

Tuesday was an IM workout with very little free.

Warmu up:
Main set:
4 x 75 fly/back/breast, descend
800 with fins as 75 free dps/25 fly strong
4 x 150 fly back breast, descend
800 with fins as 75 free dps/26 back strong (I went without fins)
4 x 225 fly/back/breast, descend
The intervals were easy and I was able to descend each round for a very good IM work out.

I had an early case on Wednesday so I swam on my own at Life Time  The indoor pool was over chlorinated so the staff allowed us to use the outdoor 25 meter pool although it was still dark.  The water was warm but not as unpleasant as the pool in Georgetown.

Warm up:
300 swim, 300 kick, 300 pull
Main set:
12 x 150 @ 2:30; held them all right around 2:00 or better (the last six were 1:57s), my strongest set of 150s yet.

The early morning meeting that had been scheduled on Thursday was cancelled so I swam at UT with Larry, Billy, and Sierra.

Warm up:
Main set:
12 x 50, 1-5 @ :40, 6 fast kick, 1:00 rest, then 7-11 @ :40, 12 fast kick
12 x 100, 1-5 pull @ 1:15, 6 fast kick, 1;00 rest, then 7-11 @ pull @ 1:15, 12 fast kick
12 x 200, 1-5 @ 2:30 (I led these and held 2:24-2:25), 6 fast kick, 7-11 @ 2:30 (went second behind Larry who was pulling, and I held 2:24s), 12 fast kick
100 easy

5200 yards

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