Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday June 19. 2013

Missed yesterday's practice due to an early meeting, but I had been swimming daily for the past two weeks and needed the rest anyway.  This morning I shared a lane with Taylor, Joe, Brad, Sally, Sharon, and Ben.  Whitney coached. 

Warm up:
300 finger tip drag
250 as 25 non free/25 kick
200 finger tip drag
150 as 100 IM/50 kick
100 finger tip drag
50 with three breaths
50 easy
Main set:
2 x (4 x 200 @ 2:55, 4 x 100 @ 1:25, 4 x 50 @ :45, 600 negative split); the assigned interval for the 50s was :40 in our lane, but I led and changed it to :45 which was all I could handle.  No one complained.  I averaged 2:47 on the 200s and made the 100s (1:21s in round one, touch and go in round 2).   We used the 600s as recovery swims, pulling the first one and swimming the second one with fins. I don't think I actually negative split these. I was bothered by tendinitis in my left shoulder during round one, but for some reason this disappeared in round two.  Anyway, it is not an injury, so I am swimming through it. 

5000 meters (with a 4000 meter main set)

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