Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life in the fast lane

Swam at UT in the main pool this morning.  A few of my teammates were swimming a postal 10K, so the rest of us were distributed among four lanes.  I shared a lane with David Alley, Chris, Ande, Kelley, and Davo.  Whitney coached.  It was Don's birthday, so the main set was 72 x 50, as follows (there was a 400 choice warm up):

1-10--odds fly/free, evens free; our lane went on :45 which was challenging
11-20-odds back/free, evens free, same interval
21-40-with fins, on :40.  I actually made these.  We swam #30 and #40 easy
41-50-odds breast/free, evens free, on :45 again
51-60-odds non-free, evens free, on :45
61-70-pull, on :40.  I made the first six, then pulled a straight 200.  I did wear paddles on this set.
71-72-fast from a dive.  Went :34. 
100 easy

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