Friday, May 17, 2013

Fast Friday May 17, 2013

Swam at UT this morning with Sloan, Kristy, Joe, and Jared.  Whitney coached.  We warmed up in the main pool, which was set up long course, then moved to the diving well for the main set.

Warm up:
400 swim, 200 IM (25 swim/25 drill), 400 pull, 200 kick
Main set:
12 x 100 @ 2:00 as three sets of four, #1 free, #2 pull, #3 kick, #4 easy; I averaged 1:05, 1:06, and 1:43 for the free, pull, and kick repeats, respectively
10 x 50 @ 3:00 in heats; I swam five of these and went :29, :28, :27, :27, :27.  I don't remember swimming :27s for 50s from a push off the wall, and I felt strong on these.  I think I found the right balance of stroke rate and DPS, and I was able to maintain a consistent kick throughout. 
100 easy

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