Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cap 2K, Saturday May 4, 2013

Saturday I competed in the Cap 2K on Lady Bird Lake, an annual open water swim and fundraiser for prostate cancer organized by Keith Bell and his wife, Olympian Sandy Neilson-Bell.  warmed up at UT a few hours before the race; the pool was set up long course.  The main set was:  3 x (1 x 400, 2 x 200, 4 x 100), 1:30 base.  I swam one round and went 5:41, 2:45, and 1:20.  I felt strong and smooth on these. 

A cold front had passed through on Thursday, and the low on Saturday morning was in the upper 40s.  By race time it had warmed up considerably, but the water temp was a chilly 67 degrees. Swimmers who wear wetsuits are ineligible for awards, so I wore jammers.  We entered the water 400 meters upstream from the starting buoys.  Once there we spent five or ten minutes treading water until the race began, and I was feeling pretty cold at that point.

After the start I found myself next to Joe Willman, one of my TXLA lane mates, and we paced each other for the entire race, finishing within seconds of each other.  My final time of 30:23 placed me first in my age group and 13th overall.

After the race one of my colleagues seemed genuinely surprised that I had placed as high as I  did, finishing several minutes ahead of him. Literally millions of yards in the pool over the past ten years with training partners like Mark Doyle, Andrea Packard, David Gogulski, Lynne Driscoll, Larry Wood, Kristy Ditzler, and many others, coached by Frank McGrath, Mindy Taylor, James Cotter, Tom Kristek, and now Whitney Hedgepeth; open water training in Barton Springs; weight lifting and rotator cuff's all in my blog.

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