Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday March 19, 2013

Swam rather poorly yesterday morning, struggling through a set of 16 x 100, odds at 1:10, evens at 1:30.  Felt better this morning. Shared a lane with Larry, Sharon, Joe, Jason, and Katy.

Warm up:
200 swim/200 pull/200 10-3-10/200 swim
Main set:
42 x 100 or 75 or 50 @ 1:20 (it was Whitney's 42nd birthday) in six rounds of seven, 1:00 rest between rounds, odd rounds free/even rounds stroke, number seven in each round fast.
We swam 100s free and 75s stroke (back). Averaged 1:10 on the free repeats and felt strong; went 1:05-1:07 on the fast 100s. Left for work after five rounds.


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