Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday March 11, 2013

I swam what I would consider to be a couple of fast workout swims at the Rice March Madness meet on Saturday, equaling practice PBs in both events.  The weather was cloudy and breezy but really not a major factor.  Unfortunately the electronic timing failed during my 500 so I don't have any splits.  I felt tight and may not have been adequately warmed up, although I swam a total of 1200 yards (1 x 800 followed by 8 x 50 at 500 race pace).  My time, 5:50.43, was eight seconds faster than last March at the Senior Games, so that does bode well for Zones when I will be shaved and fully rested.  I swam the 200 about ninety minutes later and went 2:10.84, splitting it 1:04.25/1:06.59 (:31.36, :32.89, :33.36, and :33.32).  I felt strong on the second half, which was very gratifying after my experience in Greensboro when the piano fell on me at the 100.  I am hoping for a 5% drop with a shave and taper which would result in a 5:35 or better in the 500. 

Swam this morning at UT in the main pool with Larry and Katy.  Chris coached.

Warm up:
4 x (200 free/75 kick/25 choice fast)
Main set:
20 x 100 @ 1:20, 1-4 aerobic, 5 fast; after the first five I held 1:12s on the aerobic repeats and 1:06 on the fast repeats. 
1 x 800 with fins
20 x 50 @ :45--skipped these because it was time to go to work


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