Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday February 4, 2013

Lifted moderate weights last night.  Swam at UT in the main pool this morning with Kristy, Jared, and Joe, next to Larry, Sharon, her daughter, and Jeff.  Whitmey coached.  I don't believe that I have either a rotator cuff tear or a SLAP injury, so I plan to continue training hard.  Self diagnosis can be dicey, but my symptoms really are more consistent with arthritis/tendinitis, and I am able to swim tough sets without discomfort.  Reviewing the medical literature has convinced me that arthroscopic shoulder surgery is of uncertain benefit at best in patients with arthritis, yet it is not difficult to find an orthopedist who is willing to operate and decompress the ac joint or trim a frayed labrum.  I'll pass.

Warm up:
200 fingertip drag/50 IM/200 catch up/50 IM/200 right arm/left arm by 100/50 IM/200 10-3-10/50 IM
Main set:
4 x (25 @ :35/50 @ :45/75 @ :55/100 @ 1:05), no additional rest between rounds; very tough set--neither my lane (which I led) nor Larry's made the 1:05 interval
1000 pull (buoy only), negative split; stayed with Larry on this and split it 6:30/6:00, a strong effort
Second set:
2 x (25 @ :30/50 @ :40/75 @ :50/100 @ 1:00) with fins, no additional rest between rounds; did not make the 1:00 interval
1000 as 200 pull DPS/50 kick; stretched this out
Final set:
4 x (25 @ :35/50 @ :45/75 @ :55/100 @ 1:05), 1 x 25 stroke (IM order) @ 1:00 between rounds; did not make the 1:05 interval
100 easy


I was fried after this workout.  Looking ahead, I believe that it will take 11:30 in the 1000, 5:30 in the 500, 10:20 in the 800, and 4:59 in the 400 to place in the top ten in my new age group.  We will see how accurate these predictions are (and whether I can equal or better these times).

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