Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sleep or swim?

It's not a trivial question.  In past years I consistently chose to swim despite a lack of sleep the night before.  This season I decided to try a different strategy, as I have become convinced that sleep deprivation is detrimental to training and impairs the immune response.  So this morning, after an emergency case which ended at 11:30 last night, I skipped practice and slept in.  Yesterday we swam a tough IM workout (the main set was 4 x 500 as 50 fly/100 back/150 breast/200 free, descend), and Wednesdays are also IM days.  The RC tendinitis in my left shoulder which flared up this week is better but certainly could benefit from a recovery day.  I have been using my Thera-Bands daily and applying ice after practice and at bedtime.  My medial epicondylitis has finally resolved after nearly five months, pretty typical from what I have read.  My next meet will be Zones at UT on April 5-7, which means that I have another ten weeks of training before I begin to taper.  Staying healthy remains a challenge as it is for all Masters swimmers. 

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