Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday January 19, 2013

Lately I feel as though I am trying to race a Chevy Vega at Daytona.  Pete Orscheidt liked to tell us not to limit ourselves, alluding to the mental aspect of swimming.  But in the past year I have dealt with a rhomboid strain and medial epicondylitis.  Now, when I have finally positioned myself to make a serious run at a top ten time after a decade in Masters swimming, I have a recurrence of  tendinitis in my left shoulder, despite the fact that I have consistently been doing my RC exercises.  So I am applying ice and taking Aleve and using my Thera-Bands.  And trying not to get frustrated.

Swam in the main pool at UT this morning with Dick and Pat, next to Larry, Jason, Chris, and Sharon.  Chris and Pat are accomplished triathletes and very strong swimmers.  The pool was set up long course.  Whitney coached.  

Warm up:
200 swim/100 back with buoy/200 free/100 breast with buoy/200 free/100 kick
Main set:
4 x (1 x 400, 4 x 50 breath control--4/3/2/1, 1 x 100 kick), :30 rest between each repeat.  Descended the 400s 5:55, 5:50, 5:33, 5:32.  Felt some discomfort in my shoulder in the middle of the fourth one and backed off a bit.
1 x 800, felt strong throughout and went 11:09 (5:33/5:36), a practice PB and :05 faster than my time at long course Nationals in 2004.  Very pleased with that swim.
100 easy

4600 meters

Our main set on Fast Friday was 6 x (100 fast/200 easy @ 10:00); I swam five rounds before leaving for work and held 1:01 from a push off the wall.  Attacked the walls and felt strong, but my left shoulder hurt a bit on these.

Thursday was a freestyle emphasis day; the pool was set up long course, and the main set was 16 x 100, odds @ 1:35, evens @ 1:30.  Should have been able to hold 1:22 or better but cruised these and held 1:25. This was followed by 8 x 100, odds @ 1:30, evens @ 1:25.  Made these, but my pace should have been faster.  

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