Friday, January 4, 2013

Fast Friday January 4, 2013

Swam at UT in the main pool this morning with Kristy and Mary.  Marcio, who is very fast, joined our lane when Kristy left.  Whitney coached.  I was totally gassed after today's work out.

Warm up:
2 x (300 swim, last 25 fast/50 kick/200 pull, last 25 no breath/50 kick)
Main set:
4 x 50 fast from the blocks, in heats, on 3:00; held :28s, didn't feel like I had a lot of speed
1 x 1000 pull, negative split
4 x 100 fast from the block, in heats, on 4:30; went 1:01, 1:00, 1:01, and 1:03.  Felt pretty smooth on the first three and really tried to work the walls.  Had decent track starts.  The wheels came off on the fourth one.  This was a tough set without a warm down between repeats.
1 x 1000 pull, build by 200s
100 easy


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