Friday, December 14, 2012

Fast Friday, December 14, 2012

Missed Tuesday's practice because of an early morning consult at the hospital.  On Wednesday I swam a 4800 yard IM workout, then yesterday swam a main set consisting of 20 x 100 @ 2:00 with fins, odds swim, evens kick, holding best average (1:01-1:02 on the swim repeats).  This morning I shared a lane with Keith, Dick, and Kristy in the main pool at UT.  Whitney coached.

Warm up:
500 swim
400 pull
300 IM (kick/drill/swim)
200 pull
100 IM (12.5 fast/12.5 easy)
Main set:
1 x 500 fast on 15:00; went 5:51, a practice PB, but felt pretty tight.  This was a full eight seconds faster than I swam at Senior Games in San Antonio last spring.  Swam an easy 200 after.
1 x 400 kick, fast; went 8:10 (we were not allowed to use our arms or pull on the lane rope).  Swam an easy 100 after.
1 x 200 fast, went 2:13 (1:05/1:08) and felt pretty strong.  I believe that I could have gone 2:10 from a dive, which would have been a practice PB.
100 easy

3000 (there was more, but I had to leave for another meeting)

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