Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Swam at UT in the main pool this morning with Larry, Jared, Sharon, Jason.  Whitney coached.

Warm up:
2 x (200 free/100 IM kick/200 pull/100 IM drill)
Main set:
4 x (4 x 25/3 x 50/2 x 75 IM order by round @ :25 base/1:00 rest/1 x 100 IM order by round, fast/1:00 rest/1 x 500, descend by round); I stayed for two rounds and part of a third before leaving for work and went 6:19 and 6:08 for the 500s.  We swam the third round on a :30 base/25 for the breast repeats.  This was a 4000 yard main set which I would have liked to finish as I was feeling strong on the 500s.

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