Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday September 10, 2012

On Sunday I swam 3200 yards at Barton Springs with David, Anthony, Scott, and Tricia.  We were joined by David's daughter, Emma, and Anthony's daughter, Gracie.  This morning I swam at UT in the diving well; the main pool has been drained and is still undergoing renovation.  Whitney coached.  The water was a bit warm, around 82 degrees.  I had lifted light to moderate weights yesterday evening (which didn't seem to bother my elbow) and felt sluggish in the water today.  I led my lane for most of the workout but left early (around 7:40) to get to the hospital.  I shared a lane with Ed Coates and Kristy Ditzler (whose brother Kyle was a phenomenal swimmer back in the day); Larry Wood swam in the next lane over.  He changed the interval midway through the set of 100s which surprised his lanemates; our lane stayed on 1:20.

500 swim, 300 pull, 100 kick
20 x 50 @ :40, easy kick on back for #10 and #20; averaged :36-:37--a tough set right after warm up
4 x 25 @ :30, one breath
10 x 100 @ 1:20, easy IM on #10; averaged 1:14 (En2) which is too slow
4 x 25 @ :40, no breath
5 x 200 @ 2:40, swam four of these holding 2:30, again at En2 pace, then left for work since I wasn't sure about traffic.  Larry had invited me to change lanes and swim these on 2:35, but I declined.

3900 yards

It took me about forty-five minutes to go from the pool deck to the hospital, including a stop at Starbucks, which as it turns out is comparable to the commute from Nitro.  My elbow was only a bit sore today.  I have been using my Thera-band flex bar for a rehab exercise called the Reverse Tyler Twist, basically an eccentric contraction exercise targeting the wrist flexors and pronator teres.  I decided to return to the gym because I think that I need to maintain strength in the various opposing major muscle groups. 

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