Friday, September 7, 2012

Fast Friday at Mabel Davis

Took a day off from training yesterday.  This morning I swam at Mabel Davis with Longhorn Masters.  Whitney coached.  I shared a lane with Ande, Kristy (who was an age grouper at Dad's Club in 1978 when I swam there), and Mary.

400 swim, 300 pull, 200 kick with fins, 100 IM
4 x 50 @ 1:00, 12 strokes fast off the wall then easy, averaged :40s
Main set:
8 x 200 @ 8:00, maximum effort, 100 easy active recovery after each repeat.  I held 2:40 on the first four, 2:42 on the second four.  My goal had been to hold them all under 2:40, but this was still a solid effort, especially considering the number of repeats.  I was able to hold my stroke together throughout the set and did not experience any pain in my elbow.

3600 meters

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