Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new chapter...

Chapter eleven in Peer Review, to be exact, but I am also referring to a new chapter in my training.  Today I registered with Longhorn Masters at the UT swim center which reopens on September 24.   Currently the team is practicing at Mabel Davis, which is a bit too far south for me on a week day, so I will continue to train solo for a few more weeks.  While I had been very happy at Nitro and had no plans to change teams before one of my teammates posted a photo of Hitler on my facebook wall last month, I am excited about the opportunity to train under Whitney Hedgepeth with fellow distance swimmers Larry Wood and Dick Worrel.

This afternoon I swam 3000 nearly pain-free meters in the outdoor 25 meter pool at Life Time.  This was all the more remarkable given that the air temperature was 104 and the water temperature was I'm guessing 84.

400 swim, 200 kick, 400 pull
8 x 50, two each @ 1:00, :55, :50, :45
10 x 150 @ 2:30, held 2:02 for the first five, 2:01 for the last five
200 easy

3100 meters


  1. I will be eager to hear how the transition goes and what you think the benefits of the two programs are.

  2. Hey, Lynne! Great hearing from you. I will keep you posted. By the way, Jack and company say hello from Barton Springs.