Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ain't that America?

"Finally he said that among men there was no such communion as among horses and the notion that men can be understood at all was probably an illusion."  Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

I disagree with our president on one major issue.  There really are two Americas, and they are clearly visible on social media sites like facebook.  I am not referring to red state vs. blue state or liberal vs. conservative.  I am referring to the right wing of America vs. everyone else.  Make no mistake, this is not a fringe group.  They have effectively buried all efforts to restrict gun ownership in the wake of the latest mass shootings in Colorado.  And they will make the presidential election far closer than it should be given the Republican Party's presumptive candidate.  The venom evident on their websites is truly frightening and impossible to reconcile with the axiom that we live in a nation founded on Christian values.  Now through "likes" and hyperlinks the traditional social barriers have been breached in the on line community that is facebook.  A case in point:  Last weekend, in response to a post of mine questioning why a private individual would need a semiautomatic assault rifle with a 100 round magazine, a photograph of Hitler appeared on my wall with the comment that I am "in favor of [him]", apparently because gun control laws somehow explain the rise of the Third Reich (and the Holocaust, too, I am guessing).  Aside from the gross historical inaccuracy of this (Hitler rose to power with the full support of the German people who in fact have since acknowledged their collective guilt; Germans watched passively as their neighbors, friends, and coworkers were hauled away to the death camps; what could a Jew with a handgun possibly accomplish when confronted with Hitler's storm troopers; and when a group of Jewish resistance fighters in the Warsaw ghetto did make a stand against the German army they too eventually lost their lives), sharing this photo with an American Jew who is reminded on a daily basis that he lives in a Christian nation is both unjustifiable and unforgivable.

On Sunday I swam 3600 yards at Barton Springs; the weather was beautiful, but my stroke felt a bit off.  I skipped the Monday morning practice at Nitro and spent some time rethinking my training plans (and inactivating my facebook account).  I have decided to train solo for the next six weeks and then begin swimming with Longhorn Masters when the UT swm center reopens in September.  I have heard great things about Whitney Hedgepeth, their coach, and this seems like a good time for a change. 

Lifted weights Monday night.  On Tuesday morning I swam at Life Time in the indoor 25 meter pool.

400 swim, 200 kick, 400 pull
10 x 50 @ 1:00, odds drill/swim, evens swim
10 x 150 @ 2:30, held 2:02.  I need to be holding these under 2:00 (1500 race pace).
200 easy

3200 meters

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