Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday January 26, 2011

Swam at Nitro with Tom, Anthony, and David.  James coached.

600 swim, 400 pull
6 x 100 @ 1:30, held 1:09s but they felt like they should have been faster (although my HR was 150)
300 pull (buoy, no fins--still waiting on my new Star paddles to arrive)
6 x 75 @ 1:10, swim/kick/swim, held :56
300 pull
6 x 50 @ :35, made 'em all and actually thought about trying for one or two more
300 pull
12 x 25 @ :40, 3 fast/1 easy, averaged :12s breathing every 4th and working on a fast turnover with a strong catch
400 kick with fins
100 easy

Planning to fully taper for Zones at Josh Davis Natatorium in San Antonio on April 1-3, which gives me a little over seven more weeks of hard training.  Still undecided about Nationals, in part due to the schedule of events with the 1000 on a Thursday and the 500 on a Sunday.  I may just train through it and see what I can do in the 800 this summer.

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