Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday a patient of mine mentioned that he had recently been diagnosed with lymphoma.  I asked him about the prognosis, and he replied that his oncologist had told him it would all depend on whether "Obamacare" continued to pay for his chemotherapy.  I am not sure which makes me angrier, the fact that a colleague insinuated politics into the physician-patient relationship, or that he is perpetuating Republican scare tactics in an effort to preserve the status quo and protect his income.  Not that any of this should surprise me, as I learned earlier this week that TEXPAC (Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee) is endorsing Rick Perry for governor.  They needn't bother calling me for a contribution. 

Swam at Nitro with Jean, David, Kirk, Steve, Tom, and Anthony.  James coached.

300 SKP
Main set, no additional rest:
10 x 50 @ :40, 5 x 200 @ 2:35 (average 2:32), 5 x 100 @ 1:15 (made 'em)
200 easy
4 x 50 @ 1:30, 25 underwater/25 sprint
100 easy

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