Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot and cold

Slept in yesterday morning after a tough call weekend.  Swam in the afternoon at Life Time.  When I arrived there were no empty lanes in the indoor pool so I ventured outside.  I asked the life guard for a pace clock, and she pointed to the small clock on the side of the building.  In preparation for the 5K I decided to swim a set of 5 x 800s with about a minute rest in between.  The water was warm, supposedly 84 degrees although it felt even warmer than that, while the air temperature was a balmy 102.  After four of the 800s I was thoroughly roasted and had had enough, but as I returned to the locker room I saw that the indoor pool was wide open, so I decided to swim one more 800 at my intended pace for the 5K (1:30/100).  I actually felt pretty good and went 11:53  (HR=150). 

This morning I swam at Barton Springs because I had an early dental appointment.  I arrived at 5:30 and swam 3200 yards (16 lengths).  It was pretty dark when I started, but fortunately I only had one minor collision.  After yesterday's swim at Life Time, the 68 degree water felt great.  Didn't even mind that I was a bit hypothermic when I finished.

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