Monday, May 24, 2010

Personal bests

Swam four personal bests at USMS Nationals in Atlanta, including the 1000 free, the 200 free (2:00.09), the 100 free (:55.68), and the 50 free (a relay split of :24.71).  I placed sixth in my age group (50-54) in the 1000 with a time of 11:30.77, my highest finish yet and good enough for a medal.  I didn't swim the 500 aggressively enough but split it very well and recorded my second fastest time in Masters (5:32.19).  Our 200 free relay, pictured above, equalled our seed time but finished just out of medal contention in 13th; however, eight of the relay teams that beat us were from so-called regional clubs that represent entire states (NC, GA, CO, MI, and WI)--not exactly a level playing field since the four of us actually train together in the same pool every day. 

For future reference I thought that I should list some of the things that worked well for me:
  • A light breakfast of coffee, juice, one waffle and two Aleve at 6am followed by warm up at 7am (my races usually began around 9am).  Surprisingly, I could not find a Starbucks within walking distance of the pool or the hotel, so I competed without my usual grande latte.
  • Longer warm up (1400 yards: 1 x 600, 6 x 50 drill/swim, 8-10 x 50 pace @ 1:00).
  • Second warm up only if my race was more than two hours after my first warm up.  For the sprints, I swam some fast 12.5s.
  • A light lunch around noon if I had additional races after 3pm.
My dad swam well despite two titanium hips, placing fourth in all three of his events.  He was a great roommate and really enjoyed being part of our team.  I was thrilled that he was able to see me swim once again. 


  1. It was great seeing you and you swam great. I don't understand the regional team thing either. For some reason, NC always is a single big team, even though my club brought 30 by itself. Who knows the story behind these things.

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  3. Jon Klein said in an interview that NC entered 77 relay teams. The super teams were created to "win" meets like this, although the stated purpose is to enable more swimmers to participate in relays.

    I owe you a Starbucks gift card--send me your address. Your 500 was very impressive.

  4. I know you are good for the money, let's just keep the bet rolling for a few more years, how about that?

    I only swam one relay and we got 10th in our HEAT, if that soothes the pain a bit.

  5. Craig it was great watching you swim FAST! Next year you are going to have to do your 100 free in under 55...the beer will be on me! Tell your dad was wonderful being around you both!

  6. Great swims, Craig! I guess I'm finally going to get to meet Geek at the One Mile this weekend. I'm the only one from TRYM going as Hans & Greta are leaving for vacation early next week. My last meet before hitting Medicare age next week.