Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fight Club

So I had another run in today with one of the Nitro coaches. Toward the end of practice, we were told to move over two lanes for the age groupers, which we did. But shortly after, as I flipped and pushed off the wall, one of them jumped in beside me. Apparently we had not moved over far enough. So I flagged down their coach and asked him to give me a little warning in the future, at which point he became quite angry and told me it wasn't his job. I replied that he was after all the coach and was responsible for the safety of the swimmers in the pool. He refused to accept blame for the incident and, after exchanging some more words, asked me if I wanted to step outside. Seriously. I considered this for about 11 seconds, climbed on deck and gestured to him: "Let's go." (My high school coach, Pete Payne, had been a bully, but at sixteen there wasn't anything I could do about it. I'll be damned if I am going to tolerate that now, and I do have a black belt.) As I stood there looking at him he turned away, saying that he was working. Figures.

This is what I remember from today's practice:

400 swim
8 x 75 @ 1:15, two each fly/free/fly, back/free/back, etc
8 x 100, 2 each @ 1:40, 1:30, 1:20, 1:10, held 1:11s on the first six, made #7
400 pull
400 kick*

Plan to get in a good distance workout at Life Time tomorrow. My wife told me I should try to play nice with the other kids.


  1. Wow, that's some story. What would have happened had you stepped outside? I like the fire!

  2. Don't know, but I wanted to find out.

  3. I have a whole new respect for you, Dr. Asskicker.

  4. Wow. An age group coach picking fights on the pool deck with his swimmers looking on? What a prize. Glad you called his bluff.

    Is the asterisk on the 400 kick to note that this is where the pool nearly became bloody, or that you put on a B70 at this point in the workout?

  5. The head coach and owner of Nitro, Mike Koleber, whom I admire and respect quite a bit, apologized for the assistant coach's behavior (Mike was not there at the time). Like me, he had never seen a coach call out a swimmer during practice.

    B70s, being perfectly legal swimsuits rather than performance enhancing aids, need no asterisk. Which is why I will wear one next month when I swim the 1500 in Dallas.