Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"All wind and smoke."

In case you missed it, health care reform was dealt a fatal blow yesterday when the Senate Finance Committee, led by Senator Max Baucus (representing one of the country's least populous states), not once but twice rejected the so-called public option. Without a public option, there can be no meaningful reform. Without a public option, private insurers will continue to run roughshod over consumers, unencumbered by the threat of real competition. Without a public option, there can be no federal mandate that all individuals purchase coverage. Without a public option, tens of millions of Americans will remain uninsured. The last election was a repudiation of eight years of Republican politics, yet the Democrats lack the courage to lead with the public mandate they were given, instead capitulating to their conservative counterparts for fear of losing their re-election bids (and the generous campaign contributions from the insurance industry). And here I agree with Howard Dean: no tax dollars should be wasted on health care reform if there is no public option.

Swam at Nitro this morning with Lynne, Steve, Ron, David, Chuck, and Jordan. Tom coached. The main set was my suggestion, a favorite of my coach in New Bern, Frank McGrath.

300 SKP
20 x 25: 1-4 @ :40, 5-8 @ :35, 9-12 @ :30, 13-16 @ :25, 17-20 @ :20, first three in each round no breathers, number four easy; made all of them except the last no breather on :20
Main Set:
10 x 4 x 50 @ :50, descend 1-4 in each round (no breaks in between rounds) as follows: #1 En2, # 2 En3, #3 En3-1, and #4 En3-2. Averaged :37/:35/:33/:31-:32 and on the last round went :36/:34/:32/:30
100 easy