Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Tell me everything is all taken care of by those qualified to take care of it all."

Another line from the new Dave Matthews cd. I have been thinking about this a lot lately in relation to events at work and in the news. Yesterday I performed a complex coronary intervention on one of my patients with whom I have become very well acquainted over the past two years; the success of the procedure was a product of my training, seventeen years of experience, and continuing education in the form of conferences, self study, and the board certification (and recertification) process. Patients should be able to make the assumption that we are qualified to "take care of it all" (although there are practicing interventional cardiologists who are neither board certified nor formally trained) just as we should be able to place our confidence in our elected leaders.

Yesterday morning I swam at Nitro next to Greg and James. Clint coached. He called it "Pyramid Friday."

800 swim
700 pull
600 swim, alternate 100 free/100 breast
500 pull, went 6:12
400 free, alternate 100 free, 100 back
300 pull, went 3:40
200 swim, alternate 50 free, 50 fly
100 pull
50 fast
200 easy

Swam at Nitro this morning. Clint coached. The pool was set up short course.

Warm up was a "snake" with a push up on the deck after each 25. I went first and was not supposed to let anyone catch me. Steve started third or fourth in line but quickly moved into second. He is a national champion in the 50 free, so I knew I would need some help. As I got out after each 25, I shoved a gear bag in his way to slow him down. When I ran out of gear bags, I threw a water bottle which (unintentionally) hit his goggles. In truth, I believe he swam into the water bottle, although he may dispute this version. He caught me in the last few yards (575 total).
8 x 75 drill @ 1:15
600 pull
400 kick
5 x 200 @ 3:30 broken 10 sec at the 50, averaged 2:10
5 x 25 sprint from a dive, worked on my track start which is coming along
100 easy

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