Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flying away...

To New Zealand. Or maybe France. I was in the doctors' dining room today and overheard two physicians discussing Sarah Palin. One said, "She had some really good ideas." Then perhaps she should have expressed them using punctuation and words you can find in a dictionary. The other one replied, "They [the media?] just scared the **** out of her." The woman who shoots wolves from a helicopter and can field dress a moose? Coincidentally, last night I began reading The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power by Jeff Sharlet. They speak English in New Zealand, but I can brush up on my French with Rosetta Stone.

Swam at Nitro with Steve, David, and Tom. Water temp was 86, which is too warm. The pool was set up long course.

800 warm up, every 4th 50 nonfree
4 x 100 kick with fins @ 1:45
4 x 150 pull @ 2:30 breathing 3/5/7 by 50
8 x 100 fly/back @ 2:00
8 x 50 nonfree @ 1:30, swam odds fly and averaged :39s, evens back
100 easy

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