Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday June 30, 2009

Swam at Nitro with James, Jeanne, and Eryn. The pool was set up long course. I've just about shaken off the last remnants of my cold. The water was a bit warm again; half way through I thought it was time to add the carrots.

400 swim, 100 kick, 300 pull
10 x 50 drill @ 1:00
15 x 100 2 1:45, odds rolling IM (fly/back, back/breast, breast/free, free/fly), evens free
200 easy

Next meet will likely be November 21 in Dallas (DAM short course meters). My Blue Seventy will still be legal. I will need at least a 4:45 in the 400 free to make the top ten list. Fortunately the pool at Life Time is 25 meters so I will be able to work on race pace (1:08/1:12/1:12/1:12).


  1. Hey Craig, found your blog today, thanks for the shout out!

    I don't blog much about swimming...my readership plummits when I do, i guess they don't like feeling bad about themselves when i speak of waking up at 5am to swim laps :-)

  2. Not sure that I really have a readership to begin with. I try to blend swimming with medicine, creating a journal of sorts. My blog is still evolving. Into what, I don't know yet.