Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's 2 am...

Called in again at 2 am for a STEMI, and by the time I finished it was after 4. As I tend to feel even worse after an hour or two of sleep, and I needed to be back at the hospital to start rounds at 7:30, I decided to stay up instead. Fortunately Life Time Fitness is open 24 hours, so I was in the water by 5:30. Swam in the outdoor 25 meter pool. Needless to say I had the place to myself. I enjoy swimming outdoors, but I have been told that the pool really heats up in the summer since they do not have a cooling system.

500 swim, 200 kick, 500 pull breathing 3/5/7/5/3
5 x 100s @ 2:00, 1 & 2 were Twinkies (breathing 2/3/4/5 by 25), 3 was easy, 4 & 5 were Zingers (breathing 5/4/3/2)
10 x 100 @ 1:30 (scm), held 1:20 without having to struggle; HR was 156 at the end. This set, although pretty basic, is usually a good indicator of what kind of shape I am in.
200 easy

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