Saturday, May 16, 2009


Arrived at the pool in Belton-by-the-Sea just in time for warm up. Nice facility with an eight lane 25 yard competition pool and a three lane pool for lessons which we used for swimming down. Similar construction to Nitro, with a minimum depth of 5 1/2 feet. Tom drove up after practice to provide on deck coaching for us. I had my usual breakfast of champions: a grande latte with three raw sugars, a banana, a smoothie, and two Aleve.

Warm up:
400 free
4 x 100 @ 2:00, comfortably held 1:10 or better, HR 150
4 x 50 @ 1:20, held 31s, HR 150 or less
200 easy

Changed into my Blue Seventy, then swam the second heat of the first event (500 free) in lane 4. Richard (Hahn) was in lane six, also swimming for Nitro. Felt very strong throughout, concentrated on not over kicking in the beginning. Also concentrated on not jamming any of my turns, which was a problem in warm up. Jennifer is filming a documentary about the tech suits for film class and needed some footage of washed up swimmers, so David's daughter recorded my race using a camera on loan from the school. I had not seen my stroke in over a year, back when Mindy was coaching and I still owned a camcorder.

Swam a 5:35.71, my third fastest 500 in Masters, four seconds faster than at Zones and just two seconds slower than at Nationals last year (I was actually ahead of that pace at the 300). My splits were:


Jennifer will burn the race footage onto a DVD, then I will be able to post it on my blog. I have been working on my stroke for the past two years and was very happy with how it looked today. A couple of the race organizers complimented me as I was walking over to the warm down pool (probably because my age on the heat sheet was incorrectly listed as 58!).

Tom thinks that I can handle a higher stroke rate, and I will experiment with that in practice. Planning to take another shot at the top ten for the 400 meter free (scm) in the fall before the Blue Seventy is banned.

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