Monday, April 27, 2009

Old school

Called in at 2am again last night just as the thunderstorms were rolling into the area. Very challenging case with an occluded LAD (left anterior descending artery) which developed no reflow after implantation of a stent. There are few things worse than the sight of a stented artery without blood flow. After struggling for an hour with balloon catheters, thrombectomy devices, and the top shelf anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents which are part of our daily armamentarium, I reached back nearly twenty years and administered a thrombolytic ("clot busting") drug directly into the coronary artery. Within minutes blood flow had been restored. The tech turned to me and said, "That was old school," to which I replied, "I was enrolled in the old school."

Made it to practice a few minutes late after making sure that my patient was tucked in for the night. Grabbed an empty lane between the Masters swimmers and the age groupers. Swam next to Steve, David, Lynne, Eric and Tom. Clint was on deck, but I can't say he actually coached. Not us, anyway.

800 swim for warmup
5 x 250 @ 4:00; in the middle of the second one I nearly collided with an age grouper who had entered my lane without warning, apparently (as I found out later) having been instructed to do so by the age group coach. At this point, I decided to hit the showers, but on returning to the pool deck to retrieve my pager, I was stopped by the coach and asked (somewhat rhetorically) if there was a problem. I was treated to a lecture on lane etiquette and the importance of sharing lanes. I listened intently, jotting down notes and asking thoughtful questions. Not. Anyway, as some of the fitness swimmers had vacated the lanes at the shallow end, I finished my workout.
16 x 25 @ :30, but I chose to swim 8 x 50 @ :40 and held :33s; felt pretty strong, considering the lack of sleep and a bad attitude
100 easy

If I am going to train without coaching and deal with swimmers jumping in my lane without a heads up, I might as well join Life Time Fitness and enjoy clean towels, a weight room and a smoothie bar.

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